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Promotional air fresheners make your car, home or office smell nice and in addition they look very elegant and stylish so they’re perfect for advertising of your company. Possible to customize with the company‘s logo or picture. Many scents available.

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  • Is it possible to be in several places at the same time? For example on air vent grill and in the space? We know someone who is only limited by your imagination ... Meet an eccentric little man ' Manny ' and explore the world full of (non) earthly fragrances.

  • This is just your style. Considered little things that captivate with quality. They gain your space without becoming the owner of it. If refresher on the air vent grill - only minimal and original. Only Loop.

  • Very efficient air freshener in a from of a can that can be placed discretly under the seat. Performes really well in high temperatues and is environmentally friendly thanks to the organic material used.

  • Niki is the perfect travelling companion. Niki hugs you, says hello to you and wants to go a long way with you. Niki is trendy, outgoing and smells nice. Niki enjoys watching the world from your car. A journey without Niki is a journey without emotions.

  • Home air freshener, in the form of sticks.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items